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NEMESIA 6: The Waterwalk

Nemesia 6: The Waterwalk by Krišjānis Zeļģis & SJ Fowler

Nemesia 6: The Waterwalk by Krišjānis Zeļģis & SJ Fowler


S – Krisjanis walks quickly


K – I was very thirsty


S – He had been drinking liquid, but only liquid. Fasting makes you drunk


K – but all the shops nearby where already closed


S – Krisjanis was not in London, but in some other place, that exists, even if you don’t think it does.


K – but then suddenly in the middle of the street I found 


S – he stooped down, his back twitched


K – an unopened bottle of mineral water


S – I would be suspicious. Poison. But Latvian’s are trusting


K – I had a sip and continued my walk home wandering


S – He suspects nothing. Does good fortune visit the beautiful so often?


K – how on earth God knew the moment so precisely 


S – how is God on earth, in precise moments?


K – to send me this amazing Belarussian mineral water


S – white russians, amazement, minerals, mining


K – a really good PR stunt 


S – even God needs public relations


K – and the water was really good


S – tasted liquidy but also solid, gritty


K – but it falls a bit short of making me a believer 


S – the quenched thirst removes the need for God


K – As the God is gone for the picture

S – the mysterious picture that is composed of stupid books, novels

thirst comes back with a tidy vengeance

K – Steven is following a guy with a mineral water

S – He looked at Krisjanis funny

K – where can this lead

S – the cemetery or the bedroom?

K – is this a game for him to follow people around

S – would I admit, in public, that I am not only capable of evil but

K – counting steps and sips

S- smells and scents

K – Steven always wanted to know how a Belarus water tastes like

S – Krisjanis always wanted to tell me how a Belarus water tastes like

K – it tastes like a salty rock whispers cat in a dark window

S – it tastes like sour mud screams dog in a light wall

K – but in a good way says fox glaring from a bin

S – but in a bad way says cat blinking from a street

K – I am sure somewhere along the way he will discover water again

S – I am sure somewhere along the way I will become dry again

K – Steven are you thirsty?

S – Krisjanis will you drink?



K – No. Like a machine that cannot stop when started

S – A meat machine that needs water like petrol

K – the walk drags walkers inside and crushes them

S – They should’ve owned a car, or horse

K – water drops from its mouth

S – A horse that is neither Swedish, Polish nor Russian rule, but Baltic German aristocracy

K – the last precious water is wasted

S – dribbled

K – this is already a long night

S – thirst slows time

K – heavier and firmer steps touch the tarmac

S – thirst weights the soul

K – turning into a dragging move

S – dry dragging leaves burns

K – Always beasts lurking in the shadows

S – a single finger on your shoulder

K – Last sip to the gods and small pagan spirits

S – Laumas, spīganas, vilkati

K – and I pour the rest of the water on the ground

S – in memorial

K – but keep the bottle body with no soul for recycling


K – Like water

S – which our bodies are not made of

K – there is no end to this

S – there is no getting dry

K – We cannot really get rid of water

S – it drowns us, if we’re lucky unlucky

K – It will always follow

S – it will always leak, like an old bladder

K – Always flows

S – always needed, neverending, like the cleaning of a house

K – drips and soaks

S – wets

K – As a reminder

S – we don’t need

K – that we are not gods

S – barely monkeys

K – Not even close to it

S – Oceans away

K – We are pollutants

S – Oil in water

K – Growing cancer cells

S – Like cactus in a dessert

K – floating In the endless ocean of life

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Steven J Fowler

SJ Fowler is a writer, poet and artist who lives in London.

His work has been commissioned by Tate Modern, BBC Radio 3, Somerset House, Tate Britain, the London Sinfonietta, Kettle’s Yard, UNESCO, Whitechapel Gallery, Southbank Centre, National Centre for Writing, National Poetry Library, Science Museum and Liverpool Biennial amongst others.

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