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The garden of the human voice

The garden of the human voice

The garden of the human voice

“Where are you from?” this is a question I get asked many times and have a hard time answering.  My ancestors came from Central Europe, I was born in the Galilee, although I hold both an Israeli and German passport, I actually live in central Italy.  Add to that now that “my heart” is in Senegal, “my mind” is in Nepal and “my soul” is in southern France and you have a big mess. I usually give different answers every time that range from “it’s complicated” to “earth”.

This could seem as a source for an existential crisis ( and sometime it is) but actually for me it is also a source of joy and purpose. In this short text i wish to account the story of “my soul” and a small community garden at Malérargues. A magical place that lies in southern France  and at the intersection of my love of art and life, truth and beauty.

It started in summer 2015 when visiting Malérargues and the Roy Hart Centre in the beautiful region of the Cevennes.I felt deeply moved by the story of Malérargues and the story of the Roy Hart Theatre, the story of the search for expanding the human voice and human experience, a search that initiated a fantastic journey of synergy between voice, earth and community.

In a conversation, a teacher of the Roy Hart voice work and family relative, Carol Mendelsohn, a dream and plan started to appear. A garden of the voice, that wishes to grow community, regeneration and give birth to a new life.

The garden of the human voice

In 2016 in this dream, a group of nature and truth seekers using permaculture principles started to design and create a small permagarden space in the front terrace of the old chateau. Many cakes and wonderful meals served by dynamic Italian duo Ramona and Francesco, skillful and artful creativity of Danish voice student Bina, dances by Canadian Nadia and passionate stories of French/English Sama. We had singing lessons with Ian, Saule, Carol and Mariane and had many more visitors and encounters, inside and outside of us. We created a beginning, a space, an open canvas, in which a new story could start.

Like every good story it also has a love story and like every good story is has a past and a future. In 2017 I returned twice to Malérargues  with Davide and Stella and with Ron. We witnessed the performance Generation and took delight in re-finding our voices.

The results of those journeys take now the form of babies, one is the creative child of the documentary film Moments of Truth and other is the human child named Martino now living in town of Anduze, just a short drive from Malérargues.

This story has probably much more that could  to be shared and told, of coincidences and of interbeing. And in June i return yet again to Malérargues co facilitate a residency with Carol Mendelsohn and Fia Adler Sandblad. An opportunity to connect, listen and sing along with the voices of nature and the goddess archetypes. If you feel the call to join, just give us a shout .


The Garden

The Film

The Voices of Nature


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Uri Noy Meir

Uri, a photographer, theatre director and video artist, is engaged in activating communities through Theatre of the Oppressed and Participatory Photography.

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