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The Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center

The Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center (ITCAC)

The Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center (ITCAC) (at 48 Armatolon & Klefton Street) opened in 1988 and was the first multi-purpose space of its kind in Athens. The Center specializes in Greek and international contemporary art.

The Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, a privately owned commercial gallery, has covered a wide range of activities in its long presence in the Greek art scene. The Center features a particularly rich exhibition program. It has organized over 150  contemporary  art  exhibitions  within  its  premises.  This  program  has  been complimented with a wide series of cultural events, extending from festivals, lectures, publications, book presentations, music events as well as Poetry readings and theatre performances. Furthermore, the ITCAC has regularly participated in international art fairs including Art Basel, Art Frankfurt, ARCO, Art Cologne, Artissima, MiArt and has built solid relationships with other international galleries in the form of artists exchange.

In 2003, the premises were extended and renovated in order to meet more adequately the present needs of both the artists and the public, as many changes have occurred internationally in respect to the visual arts. The renovated building consists of two exhibition spaces (75 m2 and 250 m2), which makes a total of 300 square meters of exhibition space. The Center also includes within its premises a art-shop/bookstore, which focuses on contemporary art publications, Greek and international, as well as on limited edition art objects by Greek designers.

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Located on the ground floor of Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, 48 Urban Garden opens onto a 190sm bright lush garden featuring a sculptural wooden landscape  composed  of  multi-level  seating  areas,  bartops, planter  boxes  and garden beds that produce vegetables, fruit and herbs.  Under the shade of trees and umbrellas, guests can meander through the garden, sitting on picnic tables, barstools, lounge chairs or decks.

The light and casual atmosphere of the garden is transferred to the restaurant’s 240sm interior spaces.   The main double height space features an airstream with a fully equipped kitchen in which seasonal, organic, locally sourced meals are prepared by the chefs.   The artificial ivy covering all surfaces and oversized wooden bench facing the garden create a surreal space, which is simultaneously warm through the use of strings of lights, comfortable wooden chairs, green stools and yellow tabletops.

The adjacent space is enveloped in a whitewashed wall composed of angled bricks, and contains the bar area and a 2.50m x 2.50m wooden table.  The color palette is crisp and clean (lime green, olive green and white, with dark wooden surfaces and brown black metal) and multiple patterns have been used throughout the room. All lighting fixtures were custom designed by the architects.

Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center

48 Armatolon-Klefton st.

114 71, Athens – GR

Τel: 210 64 39 466

Fax: 210 64 42 852 http://www.art-tounta.gr



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