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The Waker


“The Waker” is a breathtaking visionary and sociological sci-fi/fantasy, a quest for enlightenment.

It took 15 years of research and writing to compose my epic non-fiction The Buddha from Babylon, but as soon as it was published everyone was asking me, “What’s your next book?”

I had several ideas I could share of the Buddha that would be fascinating, and expand the reader’s consciousness. After incubating them for a while, none felt like the time had come to write them.

After more than a year had passed, on my daughter’s birthday, I had an idea for a novel based on a Buddha born on another planet. It would be my gift for her. She is currently a PhD candidate studying ancient languages and history in New York, so she has learned about the cosmic visions of ancient seers.

Mythic literature written thousands of years ago has given us the foundational stories we still love today. Those ancient writings were embedded with themes, wisdom and visions about unseen worlds…worlds above, below and far away. The Buddhist sutras described scenes in other worlds and other lifetimes. They spoke of telepathic connections between exo-planetery Buddhas.

The Waker

A Buddha was a being who broke through the boundaries of limited scope. Buddhas, celestial bodhisattvas, and mortal beings appeared in all directions of the Universe in other worlds and at various stages of evolutionary development. The Universe, according to Buddhist sutras, hosted living beings in every direction, and that included places across space, time, scale and dimension.

Thinking of the vast cosmic landscapes and activities as described in Buddhist literature inspired my decision to write a work of fiction inspired by the life of the Buddha using the sci-fi/fantasy form of storytelling so popular today.

The historical Buddha of 2,500 years ago shared with his disciples that he experienced 75,000 lifetimes of aspiration for enlightenment before he was born here on Earth and became a Buddha. Tracking his quest, the hero of my novel The Waker: Portal of Perfect Light is a young prince born on a planet named Sana.

With the help of inter-dimensional light-beings he vows to save the Sana planet from an existential threat. He must find and cross through the Portal of Perfect Light where he might encounter the Eye of the Waker, the source of universal enlightenment. If he finds it, and manages to return to Sana, his wisdom will be challenged by a jealous, brutal and righteous nemesis whose God wants to dominate the world.

Acerca del autor

Harvey Kraft

Spiritual Archeologist, Futurist, Author, double-gold winner USA Best Book Awards, "The Buddha from Babylon: Lost History & Cosmic Vision of Siddhartha Gautama"

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